create knowledge base for chatbot
This knowledge base helps the chatbot learn faster, identify relevant information for faster response time, and provide the most convincing response … A knowledge base allows you to create self-service customer support content around recurring topics, issues, and themes. If you are searching for a way to get a “deer in the headlights” moment from a millennial, you could do worse than call their smartphone. Create Skype And QnA Accounts. Create New Knowledge Base.

QnAMaker is a Microsoft service that will create our knowledge base for the chatbot to use. Enterprises, Institutions or any large Organizations have built their knowledge over several years of their existence by recording it as books, journals/articles, documents, etc. 2. How to build the perfect knowledge base: the tools you will need October 10, 2017. Disclaimer: I am the founder of BotSupply a company that develops smart bots and Ai technologies…my answer may be a bit biased :D First, it depends on the format of your knowledge base: is it accessible on a public website? 1. The advantage of employing an effective knowledge base is clear and the results are a win for both customer and company. Returning to our photo sharing app example, why not simply create an article to explain the process of uploading a photo? That way, a user can search for and find this article, or you can simply send them the article via your regular ticketing system to save time. Creating and Sustaining Large Knowledge Base Systems(KBS) can be a daunting exercise even for the largest corporations in the world. Go ahead and create your free Skype and QnAMaker acccounts first. But how do you build one?

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