cosmic inflation theory faces challenges

Shares. By Calla Cofield 30 January 2015. In 1980, astrophysicist Alan Guth proposed the inflation theory to solve the horizon and flatness problems (although later refinements by Andrei Linde, Andreas Albrecht, Paul Steinhardt, and others were required to get it to work). By Zeeya Merali . Accordingly, an infinite universe will contain an infinite number of Hubble volumes, all having the same physical laws and physical constants . That doesn’t mean it’s right, but it does mean that . (Including those by BICEP2.) As the case for inflation has grown stronger, so has the case against. Evidence for Cosmic Inflation Theory Bites the (Space) Dust. A major new study claimed to find direct evidence of the Big Bang and the theory of cosmic inflation. Let me say again: the space expanded.

Nature News. A Cosmic Controversy quote: In "Pop Goes the Universe," by Anna Ijjas, Paul J. Steinhardt and Abraham Loeb, the authors (hereafter "IS&L") make the case for a bouncing cosmology, as was proposed by Steinhardt and others in 2001. The two cases are not equally well known: the evidence favoring inflation is familiar to a broad range of physicists, astrophysicists and science aficionados. there are good reasons to think it might be right, and; no one can currently show that it’s wrong. Watch video of the Seyfert Lecture featuring Dr. Paul J. Steinhardt, the Albert Einstein Professor in Science and director of the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science at … Surprisingly few seem to follow the case against inflation except for a small group of us who have been quietly striving to address the challenges. Higgs Boson & Big Bang: Large Hadron Collider Data Challenges Cosmic 'Inflation' Theory. Latest news in category Technology: Breakingviews - Corona Capital: Cruise ships, China/U.S. And the only thing that keeps it from being insane is that the theory of inflation makes predictions which, so far, agree with our measurements of the cosmos. But now scientists aren't so sure In this model, the early universal expansion … Cosmic Inflation Theory Faces Challenges. A prediction of cosmic inflation is the existence of an infinite ergodic universe, which, being infinite, must contain Hubble volumes realizing all initial conditions. View all.

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