concentrate in a sentence

concentrate meaning: 1. to direct your attention or your efforts towards a particular activity, subject, or problem: 2…. Learn more. His speech patterns are choppy, and he has difficulty concentrating. The CONCATENATE function in Excel joins two or more text strings into one. Freshly made concentrate should be detartrated by storage in a settling tank for a week or two before use. Turn off the television. use "concentrate" in a sentence It isn't always helpful to analyze too closely the grammar of a language you are learning. The noise of the lawnmower was an annoyance that kept me from being able to really concentrate … He found it difficult, however, to concentrate his thoughts. (verb) An example of to concentrate is focusing your energy on healing. 3.

You concentrate on a type and every picture you do advertises your devotion. : Of the lumpen masses, 1.5 million died in concentration camps and 1.3 million in the war against the outside world. I can't concentrate. concentrate definition: To concentrate is defined as to focus, bring to a common center or increase the strength of. Examples of concentrate in a sentence: 1.

You should concentrate on one thing and learn to do it well.

Greylags used to concentrate on British estuaries, eating roots of rushes and sedges, as they do in other parts of their range. It requires a lot of concentration to study … concentrate in a sentence. 100 examples: The problems were concentrated in burley tobacco growing, which dropped from a…

: The specific activity of the radioactive thiamine was the same for each concentration used. In these games, you have to concentrate a great deal. : All these demanded concentration and a longer attention span than computer games.

Students should concentrate on their studies and take their examinations honestly. For example, =CONCATENATE(B2,' ',C2) combines the text in cells B2 and C2, adding a space between the text. If you want to succeed, you need to concentrate on a single particular task with all your efforts and commitment. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "concentrate" Pesticides tend to become concentrated as they make their way through the food chainCan you please turn your music down, I'm trying to concentrate on my homework. It had to be something vivid that would be easy to concentrate on. The word concentrate can be used as a noun or as a verb, like this: I'm trying to concentrate (verb usage) on mixing this orange juice concentrate (noun usage).

concentrate in a sentence - Use "concentrate" in a sentence 1.

Pesticides tend to become concentrated as they make their way through the food chain. concentrate - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. 2.

Whittle would later concentrate on the simpler centrifugal compressor only, for a variety of practical reasons. It's better to just forget about the grammar rules, and concentrate on communicating.

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