charon moon diameter

Charon is around 50% of the size of Pluto and they are tidally locked so that the same surfaces always face each other. Charon’s diameter, as estimated by the New Horizon’s space probe, is 1,208 kilometers (751 mi) – making it just over half the size of Pluto. Charon and Pluto revolve around their center of mass every 6.4 days. - Duration: 5:41.

The Moon is an exceptionally large natural satellite relative to Earth: Its diameter is more than a quarter and its mass is 1/81 of Earth's. Charon is Pluto's largest moon, discovered in 1978 by James Christy at the United States Naval Observatory. What Would Standing on Pluto's Moon Charon Feel Like? The infernal couple rotates around its common center of gravity (centroid), as two connected by a rigid central bar as a dumbbell objects (see the simulation opposite).

Charon is the largest satellite (1206 km diameter) compared to Pluto (diameter 2306 km).

The portrait of Charon, Pluto's largest moon, was captured by New Horizons near the spacecraft's closest approach on July 14, 2015. In addition to Charon, Pluto has four small moons. Charon Statistics: Orbits: Pluto-Charon Barycentre; Discovered By: James Christie; Discovery Date: June 22, 1978; Diameter: 1,207.2 km; Mass: 1.55 × 10^21 kg (2.1% Moon) Orbital Period: 6.4 days; Orbit Distance: 17,536 km 6:51. This makes Charon the moon whose size … Charon, largest moon of the dwarf planet Pluto.It was discovered telescopically on June 22, 1978, by James W. Christy and Robert S. Harrington at the U.S.

It is the largest moon in the Solar System relative to the size of its planet, though Charon is larger relative to the dwarf planet Pluto, at 1/9 Pluto's mass.

It is about 750 miles in diameter, having more than half the diameter of Pluto causing the center of gravity of the two bodies to lie outside of Pluto. Its diameter—1,208 km (751 miles)—is a little more than half that of Pluto, and its mass is more than one-tenth of Pluto’s mass. Charon's diameter is about 1207 km (750 miles), just over half that of Pluto, with a surface area of 4 580 000 km². Considering the size and motional relation with Pluto, you might also hear some scientists call Pluto-Charon system a binary (double) planet system. Charon has a mass about ten times lower than Pluto and the diameter ratio is from 1 to 2.

Their average separation is 19,640 km (12,200 miles). Unlike Pluto, which is covered with nitrogen and methane ices, the Charonian surface appears to be dominated by less volatile water ice, and also appears to have no atmosphere. The mutual events led to the first accurate determination of the sizes of Pluto and Charon. Scientific estimations reveal that Charon moon together with other Pluto moons were formed as a result of a collision between Pluto and another planet. Naval Observatory station in Flagstaff, Arizona. Charon's slow rotation means that there is almost no flattening. Size comparisons: Earth, the Moon, and Charon Charon's diameter is 1,212 kilometres (Template:Convert/round mi), just over half that of Pluto, and larger than the dwarf planet Ceres.Charon is sufficiently massive to have collapsed into a spheroid under its own gravity. Charon's diameter is 1,172 kilometers (728 miles), just over half the size of Pluto. Dreksler Astral 102,339 views.

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