cassini mission overview
Cassini-Huygens Mission Overview and Recent Science Results Abstract: The Cassini-Huygens Project is an international science mission to the Saturnian system. ESA / Science & Exploration / Space Science. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. The Cassini-Huygens mission is designed to explore the Saturn system, including its rings and moons, with a special focus on Titan. By the time the nominal mission was completed in July 2008, Cassini had completed 75 orbits around Saturn and 44 Titan flybys. News, images and videos from the Cassini mission, which explored Saturn and its moons from 2004 to 2017. The Cassini orbiter is managed and operated by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 7319 views. brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. The Grand Finale orbits are highlighted in their own row at the end. Objective Conduct in-depth studies of Saturn, its moons, rings and magnetic environment, and land on the planet’s largest moon Titan. Status Completed.

Cassini Mission Overview Source: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Caltech Published: August 29, 2017 This graphic summarizes Cassini's 13 years orbiting Saturn, with moon flybys grouped into rows. Mission Huygens Landing.

Three space agencies and 17 nations contributed to building the Cassini spacecraft and Huygens probe.

After its launch on 15 October 1997, the nominal (Prime) mission at Saturn began on 1 July 2004. Cassini-Huygens overview.

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