can a warrant be issued without evidence
A search warrant must be issued with reasonable particularity. A warrant must be so clear that there is no room for a police officer to exercise discretion or judgment during a search. This means that it must describe, in detail, the specific location to be searched and the specific evidence that the warrant is executed to recover. The law enforcement agencies provide evidence to the court that you were involved in a crime. You may not know it, or appreciate it's value, but that's irrelevant. Your situation seems a bit coercive. The standard for issuing a warrant is "probable cause" which requires some evidence but does not require hard-core proven evidence (a credible … In order for a warrant to be issued, a judge must sign off on it. Heres a good base line, in CA at least. The judge needs to see probable causebefore he or she will sign a warrant. Yes, a warrant can be issued without there being any charges filed. No evidence at all, nope. If you can afford an attorney you might want to talk to one about your situation. An arrest warrant can be issued on testimonial evidence only, if the source is deemed to be credible. Normally, search warrants are issued by a judge and specify where the evidence might be found. You can get a warrant if there ia enough circumstantial evidence and you convince a judge. There must be evidence or no warrant can issue. A: Issuance of a warrant requires probable cause, and probable cause can come from a lot of places, including hearsay. If it's a search warrant the judge needs to hear enough information to have a reasonable belief that there is a good chance that a search will turn up evidence of a crime. By no evidence do you mean no physical evidence or anything at all. If the court agrees that there is evidence to support that clam then a warrant will be issued. The standard to arrest is very low. The standard to convict is much higher, however, and you generally won't be convicted just on someone's say so (and obviously, in trial , you can respond to the charges if you choose and defend yourself). You can have a warrant issued for your arrest without having any contact with the police or the court. The police detective is not supposed to get your cooperation or statements through threats.

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