by the term universe astronomers mean quizlet

Which of the following statements about the motion of galaxies is … The ultimate fate of the universe is a topic in physical cosmology, whose theoretical restrictions allow possible scenarios for the evolution and ultimate fate of the universe to be described and evaluated. The simplest scenario of an expanding universe would be one in which R increases with time at a constant rate. Explain why can you safely put your arm in a 400-degree oven (for a brief time) but you cannot do the same for a pot of 212-degree boiling water. But you already know that life is not so simple. Nowadays it is the base discipline for many others that you will have an opportunity to study after astronomy. What are the most massive galaxies in the universe? All stars come from humble beginnings: namely, a gigantic, rotating clump of gas and dust. QUIZLET From Chapter 4, section 4.3 of your textbook, briefly explain the difference between thermal energy and temperature. a. normal spirals, b. barred spirals, c. giant ellipticals d. dwarf ellipticals, e. irregulars c. Giant Ellipticals 3. Why do the patterns of the stars in our sky look the same from year to year? If you have an opportunity, whether to study astronomy or not, think twice before losing an opportunity of studying such amazing subject. Advantages of studying Astronomy. Since the universe is flat now, it must have been flat in the past, when the universe was an incredibly dense singularity. The universe began with the forces unified. When we look at an object that is 1,000 light-years away we see it _ The total number of stars in the observable universe is roughly equivalent to Astronomy HOMEWORK Chapter 16 – 9th edition 1. Retrograde motion, in astronomy, actual or apparent motion of a body in a direction opposite to that of the (direct) motions of most members of the solar system or of other astronomical systems with a preferred direction of motion. Subatomic particles of both matter and antimatter then began to appear from the energy present in the universe.

What do we mean when we say that the universe is expanding? The universe contains a great deal of mass and its gravity decelerates the expansion—by a large amount if the universe contains a lot of matter, or by a negligible amount if the universe is nearly empty. What do astronomers mean by the Big Bang? During the first fraction of a second, the forces separated and there was a brief but important episode of inflation.

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