boyfriend says i'm not affectionate enough

It's only been almost 2 months but you'd think I'd be comfortable enough now ? My Husband is Not Affectionate. Hearing yourself telling a friend, "my boyfriend says I'm not affectionate enough," is humiliating and humbling. If your man has complained that you don't show him enough love, change has to be in your future. But I'm not surprised. He has a very high sex drive where as I do not.

For me being “affectionate “ has nothing to do with sex.

He never holds me never lays close to me or puts his arms around me ever.

Some might look at this and say well that's not love but I don't know how else to look at it if you are going to keep the marriage going. If I cuddle him or do anything affectionate it doesnt mean sex.

Generally speaking, our relationship is wonderful. He is in bed by 8 every night and sleeps holding a pillow which I think is to keep me from getting close to him since I like to cuddle.
He had sex on the weekend which was good but it doesnt mean I want it constantly, I dont need it like him. This was a first experience with a 'not' for me. If I cuddle him or do anything affectionate it doesnt mean sex. We have to decide if our needs are being met enough to stay.

4 Answers. When I have tried to lay on his chest or show affection he stiffens like a board. He's gone off in a right huff this morning as I'm not giving him enough.

Once a week is fine and realistic in my hetic life. I always have been, yet I have been in two separate serious relationships (2.5 yrs, 4 yrs). Or not. No emotion nothing. Which is true, I know I'm not. But living apart is all but assuring that we can't fix it. My boyfriend thinks I'm not affectionate enough. My boyfriend says Im not affectionate enough when we go to Target, is there something wrong with me? My boyfriend is amazing in so many ways, and I can definitely see him being a part of my life for years to come. I know this because I am the person who openly snarls at couples in public, and pushes you away when you try to hug me. Sex is a compromise in most marriages because men want more of it and all the time. Lori Gottlieb

If you don't address this major concern of his in a timely and hasty manner, he may just start looking for someone more willing to shower him with affection.

I told my non affectionate guy that I needed affection, and much as I liked him we were just not a good forever match. I feel that I am, sometimes I am happy … So he says it hurts him that I dont show public affection. He had sex on the weekend which was good but it doesnt mean I want it constantly, I dont need it like him. Once a week is fine and realistic in my hetic life. Backstory: I avoided getting involved with him specifically for this reason. The sooner men and women realize that and communicate it then the sooner things can remain stable. My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year, and have known eachother for the past seven years. Not Enough Affection

My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 months. 4 Simple Ways to Stop Begging and Restore Your Magnetism . It's not in her makeup/personality/who she is to be affectionate. He's always making the moves, kissing me, holding me.

The only issue I have is he doesn't show me the affection I need. How can I change my ways?

Judy Ann.

I have been married to my husband for 6 yrs. You might try something like: "needless to say, I'm very upset that you left. He is a very emotionally needy person, and is now suggesting he go to therapy. I love that, I just can't do it myself I guess.

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