big dumb booster

presents some rough math that seems to prove their viability.

As referred to by the Office of Technology Assessment: .

OTA's Report on "Affordable Spacecraft" 83 19.

tests of the Big Dumb Booster concept, the results of one study often contradict the findings of another.

Big Dumb Boosters: A Low-Cost Space Transportation Option?

this has led to an increase in the … Hi Paul—That’s a good question, and one that took several years of analytical work for me to convince myself I had the right answer. A Relevant Happening 90. OTA's Final Report on "Big Dumb Boosters" Part 1 73 17. 3 A New Design Criterion A 1966 Aerospace Corporation study first suggested that launch vehicles could be designed explicitly to minimize manufacturing and operational costs.6 The new criterion, “Design for Minimum Cost” (DFMC), was based upon the understanding that in rocket design, minimum weight, maximum performance, … For more high performance was developed and introduced new materials, create advanced models of equipment of all classes, was developing engines, etc. Foreword General Astronautics is pleased to make available to the public a series of articles prepared by Arthur Schnitt, entitled "Minimum Cost Design".

Big Dumb Boosters (BDB) are a general class of launch vehicle built around the idea that it is cheaper to mass build and operate a large, strong, heavy rocket of simple design than it is to build a few smaller, lighter, more cleverly-designed ones.

These also show the benefits of using this type of system. Finally, we will attempt to identify potential new sources of demand, and reason whether a massive, cheap launcher would trigger that demand or if small, cheap launchers would be better. Famous quotes containing the words dumb and/or big: “ O, it offends me to the soul to hear a robustious, periwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters, to very rags, to split the ears of the groundlings, who for the most part are capable of nothing but inexplicable dumb shows and noise.

The paper Big Dumb Boosters - Can we build them? An interesting solution to this problem was proposed in the form of the concept of the Big Dumb Booster. In this post we will look at some historical big dumb booster concepts, like Bob Truax's "Sea Dragon," and then we will examine what a modern big dumb booster might look like. Big Dumb Booster (BDB) is a general class of launch vehicle based on the premise that it is cheaper to operate large rockets of simple design than it is to operate smaller, more complex ones regardless of the lower payload efficiency.

Big dumb boosters are the other side of the low cost space access coin; instead of reuse (depends on the design, Truax and TRW considered it), you make a booster you're fine with expending.

OTA's Final Report on "Big Dumb Boosters" Part 2 78 18. This section briefly summarizes the results of these analyses.

"Big dumb rocket" Projects of space-rocket systems of that time were of high technical complexity.

In addition, 1997 and 1998, Arthur Schnitt wrote a series of columns on Minimum Cost Design spacecraft, or BDBs, which are available on Dunn Engineering's website. A Big Dumb Booster might need an engine with at least six times that thrust, or six engines of 250,000 pounds thrust.19 A workshop participant noted that only the manufacture and demonstration of full-scale hardware can eliminate this and other uncertainties related to 17 Arthur Schnitt, “Design for Minimum Cost--A Review,” Aerospace Corporation, F04695-67-C-0158.

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