application of radarsat

RADARSAT was designed to provide detailed information on sea ice and terrestrial ice sheets for climate research, to produce radar imagery for geographical applications in oceanography, agriculture, forestry, hydrology, and geology, and to provide real-time products for … 26 The current plans are to continue operations of RADARSAT-1 in parallel for sometime so as to provide benefits to users from supply of C-band SAR data from these two satellites. These included monitoring flooding and the build-up of river ice, and mapping the melting of snow-covered areas. 14) RADARSAT-1 archive transcription to the new system started on April 1, 2009 (at CCRS, Ottawa).

RADARSAT-1. RADARSAT-1. Introduction RADARSAT-2 was developed to meet operational needs via a versatile space segment and a responsive ground segment Multiple beam modes provide a balance between wide-area imaging at reduced resolution or area-specific, high-resolution imaging RADARSAT-2 data have been used world-wide to support near-real time applications such flood mapping and oil spill monitoring It carries a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensor, which is a powerful microwave instrument that can transmit and receive signals to obtain detailed images of the Earth. Some examples include: 5.52. Forestry (boreal and tropical) Detect clear cuts, update forest inventories, map depletions, map forest fires, assess regeneration, monitor land use changes. More detailed information is provided by quad-polarised data but here applications … RADARSAT Applications: Review of GlobeSAR Program. Article Application of HEC-HMS in a Cold Region Watershed and Use of RADARSAT-2 Soil Moisture in Initializing the Model Hassan A. K. M. Bhuiyan 1,*, Heather McNairn 2, Jarrett Powers 1 and Amine Merzouki 2 1 Science and Technology Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3G7, Canada; Jarrett.Powers@AGR.GC.CA One of the most interesting applications of SAR is coherent change detection (CCD), which is a technique that relies on comparing the phase information between two or more radar images to detect subtle changes in a given area over time.

RADARSAT-1 is a satellite that was launched in 1995 by the Canadian Space Agency, in collaboration with NASA and other agencies. RADARSAT-1 was Canada's first commercial Earth observation satellite.It utilized synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to obtain images of the Earth's surface to manage natural resources and monitor global climate change.

Spaceborne SAR remote sensing took a giant leap forward with the launch of the RADARSAT satellite in 1995. The RADARSAT-1 mission is operating “nominally” in 2010 in its extended mission phase - completing its 15th anniversary on orbit in Nov. 2010 (launch Nov. 4, 1995). RADARSAT Constellation Mission (3 satellites).
Measure of soil moisture, assess crop conditions, update land cover maps. 15) • The system is significantly beyond its design life of 5 years. Abstract: Expected applications improvements provided by dual- and quad-polarised data from Radarsat-2 are identified. As of March 2013, the satellite was declared non-operational and is … Application of RADARSAT-1 in mineral potential evaluation, Lac Grandin area, NWT: identifying geologic features/processes associated with mineralization Abstract: The purpose of using RADARSAT-1 for this mineral potential evaluation was to provide a means for acquiring quick and relatively inexpensive information about the study area. RADARSAT-1 was also used for cross-calibration purposes of RADARSAT-2 (launch on Dec. 14, 2007).

This paper presents an assessment of the applicability of using RADARSAT-2-derived soil moisture data in the Hydrologic Modelling System developed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC-HMS) for flood forecasting with a case study in the Sturgeon Creek watershed in Manitoba, Canada.

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