apple supply chain weakness

[3] The company has revolutionized the smartphone market and has created one of the most iconic brands in history. Apple’s supply chain prowess is becoming a little too powerful, however, as seen in the tablet market. Sophisticated supply-chain management practices allow the company to facilitate its complex global operations with no or least disruptions. Weakness: Services. Apple supply chain best practices include data synchronization between the central warehouse and its own stores and customers, and outsourcing manufacturing and as a result reducing the manufacturing cycle time. Two recent studies report varying performance levels in Apple’s supply chain. So Apple has to depend on its leadership and employees being so far ahead of the curve that the slower release schedule still results in Apple leading the market. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF CURRENT SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AND INITIATIVES FOR THE FUTURE . At a time when supply chain managers are cutting back on inventory stockpiles and moving more and more to Just-in-time practices, Apple is going the other direction, and is showing strong returns. Apple's supply chain works so well because it's been built on long-term relationships that work for both Apple and its suppliers. Diana-Maria DIACONU (NIDELEA)1 Cristina ALPOPI2.

Overall, Tim Cook has overseen a development in Apple's supply chain which has seen it become as efficient as it's ever been. Apple Inc. has lost its supply chain mojo. Further proof of Apple’s tight supply chain control is the fact that demand in Apple’s stores is monitored by the hour and the supply chain can be adjusted when necessary. The … Business description. It only takes 15 days to increase the work force capacity in the Chinese factories where the Apple products are assembled.

Bloomberg argue that its lost its mojo, but Greenpeace rate the tech giant as a sustainability pioneer. Apple Inc., established in 1977, is the largest technology company by revenue and one of the most valuable companies, both in terms of market capitalization and brand value, in the world. ABSTRACT Supply Chain Management is the potential way of securing competitive advantage and improving organizational performance, since competition is no longer between organizations, but among supply chains. While Apple bragged about Siri’s natural language capabilities and alluded to a limited number of new “intents” that can be leveraged by apps, it is not an accident that there were no slides about accuracy, speed, or developer support: Siri is well behind the competition in all three. While consumers remember the iPhone for its cool design, closed-wall operating system and hefty price tag, industry insiders in Asia turn to the U.S. giant as an example of incredible manufacturing discipline.

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