Wildfires in Italy

In Italy, forests are very important for landscape, biodiversity, the balance of the environment and for the economy. Terrible forest fires swept the north of Italy. Firefighters are trying to tame the flame from the ground and from the air.

Italy's news in English Search Italy battles Sicilian wildfires Jump to media player Fires are raging across large swathes of southern Italy, prompting evacuations in some places. 13 Jul 17 Share this with Facebook Italian words for fire include fuoco, sparare, incendio, sparo, tiro, rogo, incendiare and infiammare. On average, about 1500 square miles of the E.U.

At least one person was said to have observed an unplugged electrical cable ignite while he was directly observing it.

They occupy about 10 million ha (30% of the national area). Italian forests destroyed in wildfires this summer will take at least 15 years to regrow, according to the national farmers’ association. Media caption Fire crews battled the flames in the country's south. [better source needed] The fires stopped in August.

The 2018 wildfire season has been dramatic, prompting headlines about the world being on fire, but it is only unusual in that so many places are experiencing major fires at the same time, scientists say. A series of wildfires in Greece, during the 2018 European heat wave, began in the coastal areas of Attica in July 2018.

Europe sets on fire each summer, especially around the Mediterranean. In the past 20 years 1,100,000 ha of forest have been burnt in Italy. ENEL, the Italian power utility, temporarily cut off the town's power supply, although the outbreaks continued. Large blazes wracked Indonesia in 2015, Canada and Spain in 2016, and Chile and Portugal in 2017.

Around 700 tourists have been rescued by boat from wildfires in Sicily, as swathes of southern Italy … Find more Italian words at wordhippo.com!

burn every year. As of May 2019, 102 people were confirmed dead. Huge fires take hold in southern Europe forcing more than 700 people from their homes. Fires also struck wedding presents and a piece of furniture. Wildfires cause evacuations in Croatia and Italy.

Forest fires Italy Forest fires in numbers. Italian firefighters fought more than 1,000 wildfires on Monday amid high temperatures and drought, including three near Rome's beach neighborhood of Ostia, the fire brigade said. The houses in which the fires have broken out are all in an area 350 metres (about 380 yards) by 70 metres between the shoreline and a railway. At first suspicion centred on …

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