Swann: A Mystery
Dit is in die Verenigde Koninkryk vrygestel as Mary Swann . Swann: A Mystery is 'n roman deur die Kanadese skrywer Carol Shields wat die eerste keer in 1987 gepubliseer is. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The film was an adaptation of the Carol Shields novel Swann: A Mystery, which was itself inspired by the real-life murder of poet Pat Lowther. Swann: A Mystery was a commercial success as well as a great succes d'estime. The film premiered as the opening gala at the 1996 Toronto International Film Festival . It was, for example, short-listed for the Governor General's fiction award (but lost to Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Lion). Swann (sometimes titled Swann: A Mystery) is about farmwife Mary Swann and how she is "discovered" and turned into a minor poet worthy of academic analysis. …Canada as a crime drama, Swann: A Mystery (1987) is both a sly comedy of manners and a psychological novel that presents the life of a dead female poet as … Swann - A Mystery on Amazon.com. Swann - A Mystery Die intrige het te doen met die impak wat die obskure fiktiewe digteres Mary Swann op vier individue het: 'n feministiese literêre kritikus, 'n biograaf, 'n klein-dorpse bibliotekaris en 'n invloedryke koerantredakteur. Despite the sometimes-subtitle, Swann is more wry and cutting than mysterious. Some strong language and descriptions of sex. * The poetry of Mary Swann, an uneducated farmer's wife, is published posthumously and 'discovered' many years later by Sarah Maloney, a feminist professor.

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