IC 1101 size Comparison
Galaxy. IC 1101: The largest galaxy known to man, 5,000,000 Light Years in diameter. The Galaxy is in Virgo constellation.

Comparison of the size between our galaxy, the Milky Way, and the largest (visible) galaxy in the universe, IC 1101. Editor’s Note: There is some debate about the exact size of IC 1101. 3.

1. It is not located in the Solar System. I found a cool comparison on Google earlier that compared Vy Canis Majoris to the Sun and the Earth: If the earth was the size of a BB, the sun would be a couple inches bigger than a basketball. VY Canis Majoris would be more than a mile in diameter. Some interesting facts about Galaxy IC 1101.
The information here is based on a number of peer-reviewed articles. The size of IC 1101, the largest galaxy that can be seen directly in the Universe, and on the other side 3C 236 which is the largest galaxy discovered in radio frequencies, after J1420-0545. 2. The Galaxy was discovered in 1790 by British Astronomer Fredrick William Herschel. In reality, this galaxy has a size similar to Andromeda, it is because we take into account the size of its halo, which is considered to be the largest. 4. There are about 100 lakh crore (100 trillion)stars exist in this supermassive . … IC 1101 is an elliptical galaxy deep space object. It lies at a distance of about 1,040,000,000.00 light years away in the constellation of Virgo. The size comparison of Galaxy IC 1101 with our Galaxy Milkyway is shown in the picture below.

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