Huygens principle ‑ reflection
Huygens' principle The first person to explain how wave theory can also account for the laws of geometric optics was Christiaan Huygens in 1670. The new wavefront is formed by drawing a line tangent to all the wavelets.

Instead, it goes around edges or spreads out after passing narrow apertures. Reflection of a plane wave using Huygens Principle As discussed earlier, when light is incident on the surface it is re- emitted without any change in the frequency.
Huygens’s principle works for all types of waves, including water waves, sound waves, and light waves. At the time, of course, nobody took the slightest notice of him. We will find it useful not only in describing how light waves propagate, but also in explaining the laws of reflection and refraction. Huygens Principle. BASIC THEORETICAL PRINCIPLES OF SEISMIC METHODS I. Huygens Principle: “Every point on the wave front is a source of a new wave that travels out of it in the form of spherical shells.” Seismic rays are used instead of the wave front to describe the wave propagation. Note: Raypaths: Raypaths are lines that show the direction that the seismic wave is propagating. Huygens principle states that each point of a wavefront is the source of secondary wavelets (small waves) which spread in all directions with the speed of the wave.

In addition, we will see that Huygens’s principle tells us how and where light rays interfere. Huygens’s principle works for all types of waves, including water waves, sound waves, and light waves. So, Fresnel added to the Huygens' Principle the condition that … This re-emitted light which is returned into the same medium from which it comes out is called Reflection of Light . REFLECTION Use of the Huygens' principle to describe the modification of an incident wavefront upon reflection at a flat interface. His idea was modified and improved by scientists in later centuries; among them was Augustin-Jean Fresnel. It is useful not only in describing how light waves propagate but also in explaining the laws of reflection and refraction. HUYGENS - FRESNEL PRINCIPLE But we know light does not cast perfect shadows.

Reflected Wavefront θ Incident wavefront.

In addition, we will see that Huygens’s principle … Huygens' idea The Dutch physicist and astronomer Christiaan Huygens came up with an idea around 1690 which, in a way, allows us to connect these two ways of representing waves. Next, the authors apply Huygens' Principle to prove the Law of Reflection. Likewise, Huygens' Principle can be used to show that a spherical wave front remains a spherical wavefront at any later time (again assuming the light is not interacting with any surface).

(See, e.g., here for a couple of figures.) The new wavefront is in a line tangent to all of the wavelets. For example:-If a stone is thrown in the river,waves will be formed surrounding that point. Huygen’s Principle states that each and every point on a wavefront serves as a source of wavelets which then spread forward at the same speed.

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