365 Crete earthquake

The 365 AD Crete earthquake was an undersea earthquake that occurred at about sunrise on 21 July 365 AD in the Eastern Mediterranean, [1] [2] with an assumed epicentre near Crete.

A fault slip in the subduction zone beneath the island of Crete produced an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 8.0–8.5, which was powerful enough to raise parts of the… The only historical earthquake potentially capable of generating devastating effects in the Ionian Sea, the Sirte abyssal plain and the Herodotus Trough during the given time interval, is the exceptionally strong Cretan 365 AD earthquake 34.

Related articles California earthquake warning: Huge tremor could collapse dam As far as earthquakes in Crete go there have been none more devastating than the AD 365 Crete earthquake which has been estimated to be 8 or above magnitude on the Richter scale. The map shows which parts of the ancient city were submerged by the 365 AD Crete earthquake.

On 21 July 365, Alexandria was devastated by a tsunami (365 Crete earthquake), an event annually commemorated years later as a "day of horror".

Crete, Greece has had: (M1.5 or greater) 3 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 36 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 66 earthquakes in the past 30 days; 99 earthquakes in the past 365 days Other articles where Mediterranean earthquake and tsunami of 365 is discussed: tsunami: Notable tsunamis: One of the most destructive tsunamis in antiquity took place in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on July 21, 365 ce. Historical and archaeological data are used to test geological claims that, in the fourth to sixth centuries AD, the Eastern Mediterranean experienced an unusual clustering of destructive earthquakes (the 'Early Byzantine Tectonic Paroxsym').

The AD 365 Crete earthquake occurred at about sunrise on 21 July in the Eastern Mediterranean, with an assumed epicentre near Crete. English: Map of ancient Apollonia, Libya.Apollonia was founded in the 7th century BC by Greek colonists and served as port of nearby Cyrene. An ancient disaster. Here we have Marcellus Ammianus' account of the tsunami that followed the great earthquake of 365 in Crete.

On this day in the year 365, a powerful earthquake off the coast of Greece causes a tsunami that devastates the city of Alexandria, Egypt. [ 4 ] Still commemorated in Alexandria three centuries on as a …

The earthquake, which shook the island and brought about widespread devastation, was the most powerful seismic upheaval to have struck the region in recorded history.

365 Crete Earthquake Early in the morning of July 21st, 365, the Roman world was rocked by a powerful earthquake registering at least 8 on the Richter Scale, and epicentered on Crete. (1994), in particular, assumed that the AD 365 event was an intermediate-depth Hellenic Arc earthquake with a magnitude of perhaps over 8, an epicentre located between Crete and the Greek mainland, and with damaging effects limited to northwest Libya (Cyrenaica), the southwest mainland Greece and western Crete. Contours of the inferred uplift of Crete during the AD 365 earthquake. Geologists today estimate the undersea earthquake to have been a magnitude eight or higher, causing widespread destruction in central and southern Greece, northern Libya, Egypt, Cyprus, Sicily and Spain. The biggest earthquake in known history in Crete came in 365 AD, when an 8.5 magnitude tremor killed thousands of people. Paleo-shoreline observations in Crete suggests that the 365 AD earthquake was the only large seismic event in that region in the past 1650 yrs 34, … The dotted line is the assumed boundary of the uplifted block (simplified after Pirazzoli et al., 1996); the thick line with ticks indicates the approximate trace of the causative thrust. Here, we present evidence from radiocarbon data and field observations that western Crete was lifted above sea level, by up to 10 m, synchronously with the AD 365 earthquake.

Out of all Crete earthquakes this was tremendous causing widespread destruction in Greece, Libya, Egypt and Cyprus. Although there were no …

[3] Geologists today estimate the quake to have been 8 on the Richter Scale or higher, [ 2 ] causing widespread destruction in central and southern Greece , northern Libya , Egypt , Cyprus , and Sicily . English: Remains of mole (background) and bath house (foreground) of the ancient harbour town of Apollonia, Libya.The circular harbour basin which reached in antiquity as far as the rocks in the background was largely swallowed by the sea in the 365 AD Crete earthquake. In Crete, nearly all towns were destroyed. An M8.3 earthquake struck the southwestern part of the Hellenic Arc, near the Island of Crete, in AD 365, generating a tsunami that affected almost the entire eastern Mediterranean region. Ambraseys et al. Crete was subjected to an attack by Vandals in 467, the great earthquakes of 365 and 415, a raid by Slavs in 623, Arab raids in 654 and the 670s, and again in the 8th century.

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