1 light year in human years

The normally blue waters of the lake turned a deep red in the aftermath. About Lake Nyos. Nyos is a deep lake high on the flank of an inactive volcano in the Oku volcanic plain along the Cameroon line of volcanic activity. So, what caused this explosion to happen? To compound the problem, Lake Nyos is unusually still. Bacteria in the lake are chugging out methane, and CO 2 is leaking in from magma below. 2) Lake Nyos now contains ~300 x 10 6 m 3 of CO 2 and therefore remains dangerous. Lake Nyos sits high in a volcanic plain amidst the Cameroon line of volcanoes, which stretches into the Gulf of Guinea. Lake Nyos (/ ˈ n i oʊ s / NEE-ohs) is a crater lake in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, located about 315 km (196 mi) northwest of Yaoundé, the capital. Lake Nyos is indicated by the small blue dot in the centre of the mountain chain.

Well, aside from Lake Nyos, Lake Kivu and Lake Monoun (all in Africa) are the only other two that are known to have such sudden eruptions, so if you live near any other lake, you’re not likely to be in any danger of such a phenomenon happening. Although a sudden outgassing of CO 2 had occurred at Lake Monoun in 1984, a similar threat from Lake Nyos was not anticipated.
Nearly two years later, Lake Nyos, another lake in Cameroon, was also the scene of a limnic eruption, this time a deadlier one than that which occurred in Lake Monoun.The unfortunate event happened on August 21, 1986. 1) Another gas disaster could occur at any time. Credit: United States Geological Survey. Sediment layers suggest the lake may have erupted 7,000 to 8,000 years ago, says Varekamp. Lake Nyos Disaster. Lake Nyos is a volcanic lake in the northwestern region of Cameroon, situated some 196 miles northwest of the capital Yaoundé. Farmers and migratory herders in the West African country of Cameroon knew the lake as large, still and blue. The lake itself fills a circular maar, formed when groundwater meets hot lava or magma and explodes. It was a quiet, blue coloured, beautiful lake, surrounded by small villages where the livelihood of the villagers was based on farming and raising cattle. Lake Nyos, located in Cameroon, West Africa, had no signs of volcanic activity or that natural disaster could take place.

The lake is situated on the flank of an inactive Oku volcanic plain. The water level also dropped about a meter and nearby trees were knocked from their roots. Lake Nyos, in the extreme North of The Ring Road, is probably the most deadly lake in the world. Crater lakes commonly have high levels of CO2, as they are formed by the volcanic activity happening miles beneath them. On Aug. 21, 1986, something in the lake went off. As years passed, scientists resolved the debate about the origin of the CO 2.After measuring gas at the bottom of Lake Nyos, they found a CO 2-rich layer, where levels of the gas were rising over time, suggesting gradual leakage into the bottom of the lake.. Scientists looked for markers of a volcanic eruption, such as sulfur and chloride in the lake. Beneath the lake is a pocket of magma which causes the carbon dioxide to mix with water and change it to carbonic acid. The Lake Nyos disaster occurred on 21 August 1986. Additionally, the disaster took the lives of roughly 3,500 livestock, while the lake changed color from its beautiful bright blue to a muddy red. Lake Nyos was formed in a volcanic crater created as recently as 400 years ago. Lake Nyos. 3) This danger is increasing because CO 2 is currently being added to Lake Nyos at a rate of at least 5 x 10 6 m 3 /year.

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