Town: Campton, NHCounty: GraftonState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2213 Does TrailsNH help you get your adventure on? markersGroup.eachLayer(function(layer) { Town: Bartlett, NHCounty: CarrollState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3203 (. NH Mountain Hiking < NH 52 With-A-View. Stepping on them kills them. Tell someone zoom: 8, Radar NH Ossipee 10 Thanks! A group called the Over the Hill Hikers created the 52-With-A-View ('52 WAV') club as a way to draw attention to New Hampshire's great peaks that have an elevation either close to or above 2,500 feet in elevation. Radar New England Zoom Earth shows live weather satellite images updated in near real-time, and the best high-resolution aerial views of the Earth in a fast, zoomable map. Submit Your Site, NH 100 Highest }); Newest Earth Maps(street view), Satellite map, Get Directions, Find Destination, Real Time Traffic Information 24 Hours, View Now. Black Diamond adventure essentials: HiLight tent, Stonehauler Duffel, Kleen Kanteen, Distance Carbon Trekking Poles and Apollo Lantern! Weather: Town: Waterville Valley, NHCounty: GraftonState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2722 Radar Do more with Bing Maps. Search for a place or drop a pin on the map. Bug Bounty Visit to help support TrailsNH opacityTo: 0.2, mark.addTo(markersGroup); Get 15% Off Sitewide through 12/21 with this promo codeUse coupon code MERRYMERRY at checkout.Visit Turtle Fur to help support TrailsNH Radar Maybe it`s time you buy Kimball a beer. }).on('zoomend', function(){ Winter Mountain Running Gear bounds.extend(mark.getLatLng()); This peak is in southern NH in Winslow State Park and Kearsarge Mountain State Forest, in Warner/Wilmot NH. var circleOptions = { Privacy Policy Choose Maptype: CalTopo; FSTopo; ArcGIS; MyTopo; Stamen Terrain; ESRI Satellite For iOS devices, Street View used to be built into the Google Maps app , but now there's a separate iOS Google Street View app you can use. Town: Gorham, NHCounty: CoosState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2404 REI Cyber Week Continues! Weather: 7-Day Forecast | North Moat Mountain NH Number 23 on the 52 With A View list Town: Jackson, NHCounty: CarrollState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3051 Instagram NH AMC Huts Position your mouse over the map … South Doublehead NH North & South Doublehead together make number 28 on the 52 With A View list Town: Carroll, NHCounty: CoosState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3557 (Here's how from REI) Sandwich (Dome) Mountain NH Number 1 on the 52 With A View list, Sandwich Mountain is also know as Sandwich Dome 15% Off Store Wide from Turtle Fur Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. The 52 with a view (52 WAV) mountains of New Hampshire consists of peaks between 2,500 … 7-Day Forecast | Browse photos and price history of this 4 bed, 3 bath, 2,696 Sq. Town: Tuftonboro, NHState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2990 Mount Israel NH Number 43 on the 52 With A View list minZoom: 6, The list was developed by a group of retirees in Sandwich, NH, called the "Over the Hill Hikers" who have been hiking together for over 25 years. Weather: Weather: Weather: More Hotels. Black Diamond adventure essentials: HiLight tent, Stonehauler Duffel, Kleen Kanteen, Distance Carbon Trekking Poles and Apollo Lantern! Radar Please report any bugs or issues you find. Town: Benton, NHCounty: GraftonState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2663 Weather: Weather and Snow National Weather Service Forecast NOAA Snow Depth Map Lists that contain South Moat Mountain: New Hampshire 52 with a View (Rank #39) Ascent Info Total successful ascents logged by registered users: 344 Show all viewable ascents/attempts (Total: 292) Selected Trip Reports from this site: 7-Day Forecast | 7-Day Forecast | Mount Cardigan NH Number 25 on the 52 With A View list Radar if(currentZoom < home.zoomMin)(currentZoom = home.zoomMin); OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Get 15% Off Sitewide through 12/21 with this promo codeUse coupon code MERRYMERRY at checkout.Visit Turtle Fur to help support TrailsNH Town: Notchland/Bartlett, NHCounty: CarrollState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3013 Weather: 12 Days of Holiday Cheer. Weather: }; Vector quality. Weather: Stinson Mountain NH Number 36 on the 52 With A View list Town: Jackson, NHCounty: CarrollState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3597 7-Day Forecast | Radar NH 52 With A View Alpine Plants are rare and fragile. New Hampshire 52 With A View Resources: Over The Hill Hikers - creators of the NH 52 With A View list; Hiking Guide - New Hampshire 52 With A View Peaks; - NH 52 With-A-View Learn how to create your own. 7-Day Forecast | Take essential gear Could really use the boost.Buy Kimball A Coffee var zOpacity = scale(currentZoom, home.zoomMin, home.zoomMax, home.opacityFrom, home.opacityTo); Winter Mountain Running Gear Premium Quality Merino Wool Socks made in Ashland NHUse coupon code TrailsNHTen at checkout.Visit Minus33 to help support TrailsNH 52 With A View View Trail Conditions Reports Sandwich Dome (3,992 ft.) Mt. "Open Topo": OpenTopoMap, Designed and maintained by Town: Bethlehem, NHCounty: GraftonState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2538 Please report any bugs or issues you find. Hikers are welcome, but stay on the trail, avoid the road, campus, buildings, and areas in use by the Horton Center. 7-Day Forecast | New Hampshire 52 With A View Resources: Over The Hill Hikers - creators of the NH 52 With A View list; Hiking Guide - New Hampshire 52 With A View Peaks; - NH 52 With-A-View Table Mountain NH Number 41 on the 52 With A View list Mount Starr King NH Number 2 on the 52 With A View list Map Widget, Facebook TrailsNH has just about every hiking trip report, trail advisory, and forest road closing in the Northeast. _qevents.push({ Radar Visit var mark =[ Windhill Design. if(currentZoom > home.zoomMax)(currentZoom = home.zoomMax); Town: Kilkenny Township, NHCounty: CoosState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3905 If we hiked together you`d buy me a beer, right? Weather: ], Mount Paugus (South Peak) NH The ledge below Mt Paugus on the Lawrence Tr is number 27 on the NH 52 With A View list Ft. single family home built in 1956. Poop off trail and bury it. Weather: Weather: Radar 7-Day Forecast | Hosting is supported by UCL, Bytemark Hosting, and other partners. The Map Adventures White Mtns Trail Map is the map I carry in The Whites.-Kimball @ TrailsNHCheck Price & Availability window.addEventListener('load', function(){ scpt.parentNode.insertBefore(elem, scpt); North Percy Peak NH Number 16 on the 52 With A View list 7-Day Forecast | Know your limits Radar Send Coffee!! Google Maps Street View. layers: [eval(home.layer)] Weather: Here is a zoomed in picture that shows the blood stained pattern … Hedgehog Mountain (Albany) NH Number 48 on the 52 With A View list 15% Off Store Wide from Turtle Fur Town: Jackson, NHCounty: CarrollState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2939 Cardigan and Firescrew Mountains. Plan your trip attribution: 'OpenTopoMap | OpenStreetMap' Town: Shelburne, NHCounty: CoosState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2573 Poop off trail and bury it. Poop off trail and bury it. Leave Nothing But Footprints Kearsarge North is located just a few miles north of North Conway NH Number 17 on the 52 With A View list, and Number 1 on the NH Fire Tower Quest, Number 20 on the 52 With A View list. Number 50 on the 52 With A View list. Twitter Town: Chatham, NHCounty: CarrollState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3576 Town: Franconia, NHCounty: GraftonState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2552 fillColor: "#FF0", 12 Days of Holiday Cheer. 7-Day Forecast | Town: Warner/Wilmot, NHCounty: MerrimackState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 2935 var bounds = new L.LatLngBounds(); Plan your trip Town: Jefferson, NHCounty: CoosState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3915 7-Day Forecast | NH 52 With-A-View. Mount Webster NH Number 3 on the 52 With A View list Know your limits 7-Day Forecast | Starr King (3,915 ft.) Mt. Radar Be aware of the weather Advertising Trail reports, photos, and other content may be copyrighted elsewhere. Town: Albany, NHCounty: CarrollState: NHCategory: peaksElevation: 3100 7-Day Forecast | TrailsNH had a upgrade in June. Weather: }; Get directions, reviews and information for Homeview Improvements in Owosso, MI. 12 Days of Holiday Cheer. Blueberry Mountain (Benton) NH Number 42 on the 52 With A View list (Here's how from REI) Weather: Embed TrailsNH: Maps are assembled and kept in a high resolution … Radar 7-Day Forecast | Weather: 7-Day Forecast | Be Kind To The Trail: Catskill 3500 Radar 7-Day Forecast | var map ='overviewmap', { var Markers = [["Sandwich (Dome) Mountain NH",43.9001,-71.4981,"Sandwich (Dome) Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3992
Waterville Valley, NH"],["Mount Starr King NH",44.4345,-71.4329,"
Mount Starr King NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3915
Jefferson, NH"],["Mount Webster NH",44.1946,-71.3885,"
Mount Webster NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3910
Hart's Location, NH"],["The Horn NH",44.5179,-71.4002,"
The Horn NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3905
Kilkenny Township, NH"],["Shelburne Moriah Mountain NH",44.3532,-71.0988,"
Shelburne Moriah Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3735
Shelburne, NH"],["Sugarloaf Mountain (Stratford) NH",44.7443,-71.4678,"
Sugarloaf Mountain (Stratford) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3703
Stratford, NH"],["North Baldface NH",44.2429,-71.0869,"
North Baldface NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3597
Jackson, NH"],["Mount Success NH",44.4715,-71.039,"
Mount Success NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3592
Gorham, NH"],["South Baldface NH",44.231,-71.0779,"
South Baldface NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3576
Chatham, NH"],["Mount Martha (Cherry Mountain) NH",44.3309,-71.4993,"
Mount Martha (Cherry Mountain) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3557
Carroll, NH"],["Jennings Peak NH",43.9111,-71.5107,"
Jennings Peak NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3493
Waterville Valley, NH"],["Mount Chocorua NH",43.9543,-71.2733,"
Mount Chocorua NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3490
Albany, NH"],["Stairs Mountain NH",44.1551,-71.3184,"
Stairs Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3469
Sargent's Purchase, NH"],["Mount Avalon NH",44.2064,-71.4268,"
Mount Avalon NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3461
Bethlehem, NH"],["Mount Resolution NH",44.1475,-71.314,"
Mount Resolution NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3426
Sargent's Purchase, NH"],["North Percy Peak NH",44.6634,-71.4356,"
North Percy Peak NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3415
Stratford, NH"],["Mount Magalloway NH",45.0631,-71.1625,"
Mount Magalloway NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3385
Pittsburg, NH"],["Mount Tremont NH",44.0534,-71.357,"
Mount Tremont NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3384
Bartlett, NH"],["Three Sisters, Middle Sister NH",43.9648,-71.2702,"
Three Sisters, Middle Sister NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3340
Albany, NH"],["Kearsarge North (Chatham) NH",44.1056,-71.0942,"
Kearsarge North (Chatham) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3269
Chatham, NH"],["Smarts Mountain NH",43.8256,-72.0323,"
Smarts Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3238
Lyme, NH"],["North Moat Mountain NH",44.0431,-71.2146,"
North Moat Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3203
Bartlett, NH"],["Mount Monadnock NH",42.8615,-72.1081,"
Mount Monadnock NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3170
Jaffrey\/Jaffrey Township, NH"],["Imp Face NH",44.3211,-71.1898,"
Imp Face NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3165
Bean's Purchase, NH"],["Mount Cardigan NH",43.6496,-71.9144,"
Mount Cardigan NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3149
Orange, NH"],["Mount Crawford NH",44.1367,-71.3324,"
Mount Crawford NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3128
Hadley's Purchase, NH"],["Mount Paugus (South Peak) NH",43.9504,-71.3301,"
Mount Paugus (South Peak) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3100
Albany, NH"],["North Doublehead NH",44.1677,-71.1302,"
North Doublehead NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3051
Jackson, NH"],["Eagle Crag NH",44.2536,-71.0716,"
Eagle Crag NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3020
Bean's Purchase, NH"],["Mount Parker NH",44.1234,-71.2984,"
Mount Parker NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 3013
Notchland\/Bartlett, NH"],["Mount Shaw NH",43.7438,-71.2745,"
Mount Shaw NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2990
Tuftonboro, NH"],["Rogers Ledge NH",44.5501,-71.3619,"
Rogers Ledge NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2990
Kilkenny Township, NH"],["South Doublehead NH",44.1616,-71.132,"
South Doublehead NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2939
Jackson, NH"],["Eastman Mountain NH",44.2156,-71.062,"
Eastman Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2938
Chatham, NH"],["Mount Kearsarge (South) NH",43.3834,-71.8571,"
Mount Kearsarge (South) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2935
Warner\/Wilmot, NH"],["Mount Cube (South Peak) NH",43.8857,-72.0235,"
Mount Cube (South Peak) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2916
Orford, NH"],["Stinson Mountain NH",43.8348,-71.779,"
Stinson Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2890
Rumney, NH"],["Mount Willard NH",44.204,-71.4133,"
Mount Willard NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2850
Hart's Location, NH"],["Black Mountain (Benton) NH",44.0745,-71.9224,"
Black Mountain (Benton) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2829
Benton, NH"],["South Moat Mountain NH",44.0175,-71.1935,"
South Moat Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2772
Albany, NH"],["Dickey Mountain NH",43.923,-71.5787,"
Dickey Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2722
Waterville Valley, NH"],["Potash Mountain NH",43.9821,-71.3909,"
Potash Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2691
Waterville Valley, NH"],["Table Mountain NH",44.0318,-71.2625,"
Table Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2669
Bartlett, NH"],["Blueberry Mountain (Benton) NH",44.0194,-71.905,"
Blueberry Mountain (Benton) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2663
Benton, NH"],["Mount Israel NH",43.8456,-71.4723,"
Mount Israel NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2636
Sandwich, NH"],["Welch Mountain NH",43.919,-71.576,"
Welch Mountain NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2598
Waterville Valley, NH"],["Mount Roberts NH",43.7565,-71.3258,"
Mount Roberts NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2584
Moultonborough, NH"],["Mount Hayes NH",44.4157,-71.1603,"
Mount Hayes NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2573
Shelburne, NH"],["Mount Pemigewasset NH",44.0978,-71.699,"
Mount Pemigewasset NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2552
Franconia, NH"],["Hedgehog Mountain (Albany) NH",43.9742,-71.3672,"
Hedgehog Mountain (Albany) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2543
Albany, NH"],["Middle Sugarloaf NH",44.2517,-71.5176,"
Middle Sugarloaf NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2538
Bethlehem, NH"],["Pine Mountain (Gorham) NH",44.3659,-71.2152,"
Pine Mountain (Gorham) NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2404
Gorham, NH"],["Mount Morgan NH",43.8039,-71.5662,"
Mount Morgan NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2213
Campton, NH"],["Mount Percival NH",43.8096,-71.5571,"
Mount Percival NH<\/a><\/b>
Elevation: 2200
Campton, NH"]];