Each mind flayer may also own multiple thralls or slaves. All this time, we've been building it! Doris Driscoll also became part of the Flayed, likely from the rat she captured. A drawing of the Mind Flayer, drawn by Will Byers. [4], "He can't hear you. Psionic tyrants, slavers, and interdimensional voyagers, they are insidious masterminds that harvest entire races for their own twisted ends. The history of the Mind Flayer prior to October 1984 remains a mystery. All of it for you. A mind flayer who becomes a lich is known as an alhoon, or colloquially the illithilich. Mind flayer Mind flayers supplement their diet of brains with other food, especially other humanoid organs. Under this theory the mind flayers would be the equivalen… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Mind Flayer did not seem to care for Billy as a person and quickly killed him after Billy broke free from its control through the memory of his mother. As one of the creatures considered unique Product Identity by Wizards of the Coast, the mind flayer does not appear in the System Reference Documents. They possess a mind blast which is more powerful against opponents with lower Intelligence scores, and have 90% magic resistance. During this time, they are routinely fed a slurry of brain matter and organs. In the summer of 1985, a secret Russian operation located beneath Hawkins' newly-built Starcourt Mall successfully opened another Gate into the Upside Down. Lawful evil Knowing her location, the Mind Flayer melts the Flayed (except for Billy) and absorbs them to become stronger. However, Hopper managed to fend off the Dogs, while El used her powers to neutralize the coil. As Mike, Max, Will, and Jonathan grab hold of Eleven, Nancy tries shooting at the Mind Flayer to no avail until Lucas chops off the tentacle with an ax but the Mind Flayer had managed to bite Eleven. I want you to build. It lay ninety miles northwest of Ormath and 90 miles northeast of Lheshayl.It was slightly more than 26 miles beneath the surface. They both later capture Heather's parents Janet and Tom. They detest sunlight, and to be bathed in sunlight is as horrific a concept to the illithid as a human being bathed in blood. In addition, they were inspired by volcanic eruptions with lightning storms in South America. The door then unlocks itself and Eleven walks in having dispatched the other creatures. His father was physically abusive to him and his mother. Mind flayers are infamously cruel, insidious, and evil. [2], A mind flayer is vulnerable to certain unique mental and physical illnesses. They did this by exposing Will to extreme heat, even burning his arm with a fire poker. Possessed humans are colder to the touch than average, to the point where the temperature around possessed humans significantly decreases. You... let us in. And now it's time. Although he was safely recovered by friends and family, Will began to have visions of the Upside Down. Unlike the rest of the Flayed whom the Mind Flayer had killed to build his proxy body, he kept Billy alive possibly due to him being his main human host, as well as his fortunate physical buff and being the stepbrother of Max Mayfield, a member of the Party. All hosts within his hive mind share this weakness, resulting in him feeling pain whenever a host is exposed to heat or burned. When the Party runs out of ammo, the Mind Flayer tries to kill El again, but he is stopped by Billy. Illithids are humanoid in basic shape - one head, two arms and two legs - but the similarities with humans end there. In December, during the Snow Ball at Hawkins Middle School, the Mind Flayer loomed over the version of the school in the Upside Down, seemingly spying on the Party from across dimensions. I have removed the fluff like age etc and just left the important parts. Charles Stross, inventor of the githanki and githzerai, speculated that the mind flayer may have been influenced by the works of science fiction author Larry Niven, whose works include a race of telepathic slavers called the Thrint. Will Byers, a young resident of Hawkins, was captured by a Demogorgon and brought to the Upside Down's version of the town's public library. Illithids live longer than humans, but they do eventually die after twenty or so more years than a human lifespan. The Mind Flayer finds their location and sends the creatures after them. Eleven feels the effects of the bite but removes the piece of the Mind Flayer that was inside her leg. They are described as encountered alongside with drow, driders and grimlocks. Concept art of Will confronting the Mind Flayer on the field. Illithids fully complete ceremorphosis by the age of 9, and have become fully mature and complete in their education by age 15. This fragment form would lay dormant at Brimborn Steel Works for over seven months, until the events of July 1985. Much of the illithid futuristic technology and magic was lost or destroyed.[4]. And we are going to end you. These eggs hatch after around a month and take ten years to reach maturity, by which stage they reach three inches in length. Here is the entrance from the Underdark. The Mind Flayer, also known as the Shadow Monster[1], is the main antagonist of Stranger Things, introduced in the second season. Mechanically, they must now attach all four tentacles to draw out the brain, unlike in AD&D 2e and earlier where a single tentacle can drill its way to the brain. All that pain. Later, the Mind Flayer caused Billy to crash his car, which got him to investigate the Steelworks, only to get captured and become his main host. The creature was highly hostile toward anyone and anything that threatened his plans; using his almost omnipotent intelligence and dominion over the Upside Down to his advantage, he would develop ways to thwart and outsmart his adversaries. I'll call my version the Tarsiss, in case this ends up in a future project. They are typically formed from tadpoles who survive the destruction of an elder brain, who soon turn on each other in a cannibalistic frenzy until only one massive survivor remains. A larger group is known as a cult, and is led by two mind flayers who compete for control. [4], In an insane solution, the few surviving illithid of sacrificed countless elder brains, the psionic leaders of their race, hoping to tear a psychic rift in the universe and overcome the laws of time itself. While its true motivations for doing so are yet to be determined, through comparing the entity to the synonymously named creature from Dungeons & Dragons, Dustin theorized that the Mind Flayer viewed himself as superior to all other life. At the last minute, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Mike, and Steve made a plan to distract the Mind Flayer, and thus diverting his attention from the events involving Eleven and Will. In an ENWorld forum Q&A, Gygax recounts: Gygax's goal was to create an original race who preyed upon humans for sustenance. Notable examples include: The most highly detailed resources on the mind flayer are The Illithiad (1998), a 96-page supplement for AD&D 2nd edition; and Lords of Madness (2005), which dedicates an entire chapter to that species. Billy is the son of Neil Hargrove and an unnamed mother in California. The mind flayer vampire is cursed with both the need to drink blood and consume brains. With murderous intent, he repeatedly attempts to corrupt both Hawkins and the rest of the world. However, Mike found Will and snapped him out of the vision before the Mind Flayer could touch him. Remembering what Bob had told him as they drove to school, Will attempted to confront the Mind Flayer, yelling at him to "go away!" Possessed of great Intellect compared to its common ilk, it attacks by manipulating Thought with its indomitable Will. Biographical information Eleven ended his plan by closing the Gate and severing the connection between the two worlds but left a part of the Mind Flayer trapped within the human world. Warrior Guromu can be found in the Lull of the Land area of Jahara on the south side of the zone. They often carry protective magic items, and may wear pieces of armor. Following the rebellion, the gith soon began fighting amongst themselves. Despite Eleven removing the piece of the Mind Flayer, Eleven's telekinesis is weakened and the Mind Flayer manages to find the Party after Billy tracked them due to the piece of the Mind Flayer that was in El's wound. Mind flayers, also called illithids, are the scourge of entient creatures across countless worlds. Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From the Upside Down, Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town, Stranger Things 2: Behind the sequel's big, bad 'shadow monster', The Duffer Brothers Recap Stranger Things 2, ‘Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer’, https://strangerthings.fandom.com/wiki/The_Mind_Flayer?oldid=59184. Their skin tones range from a deathly white to varying shades of blue, purple or even green. Visual-effects producers Paul and Christina Graff were tasked with designing the creature. Toys & Games Kids Gift Guide Shop Toys by Age Shop Top Toys Shop by Category Shop by Brand Shop by Character Shop Toys & Games Deals Toys & Games ... Has attachable hook to clip your D&D Mind Flayer on the go! They appear in the mythology of the most ancient races, and pre-date written history. The history of the Mind Flayer prior to October 1984 remains a mystery. The Spider Monster, the Mind Flayer's 1985 proxy body, resembled a gargantuan, monstrous spider. Fewer than 1% of mind flayers are ulitharids, and they always rise to the highest status in their community, below only the elder brain. It is written in four parallel lines which are intended to be read simultaneously, and is a written interpretation of telepathic communication. Their architecture is vast and dark, conveying an air of ancient decadence. We've been building it... for you. A mind flayer's four prehensile tentacles can be extended from around 2 feet to to around 4 feet in length, and the mind flayer can manipulate them with great precision. Through his telepathic link, the Mind Flayer could directly control additional entities and beings: Pockets of the silver-black mist could move independently while remaining under the control of the Mind Flayer. All that work, all that pain, all of it for you. His body appears to be entirely composed of minuscule particles, giving him a misty appearance akin to a shadow. Here they are described as subterranean, as they detest sunlight, and inhabiting a rumored city beneath the earth. Billy delivers El to the Mind Flayer who is about to kill her until the timely arrival of Nancy, Jonathan, Will, Lucas, Steve, and Robin stop him by bombarding his avatar with fireworks. The Mind Flayer first began his conquest to take over the world in 1984 when he used the Gate to spread the Upside Down's toxic biological growth underneath Hawkins, as well as possessing Will Byers and an army of Demodogs to take down Hawkins Lab. The trophy plaque comes with everything you need to mount the plaque to your wall. Physical information The aphorism "with an illithid's faith" is used by adventurers to mean "with treachery".SJR6 Greyspace (2e) (1992), p.69, The mind flayers are telepathic, and have no need for a spoken language of their own. The Illithiad (1998), a lore-heavy supplement for AD&D 2nd edition released toward the end of that edition after TSR's bankruptcy and acquisition by Wizards of the Coast, is a 96-page supplement dedicated entirely to the mind flayer. Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Although these attempts largely failed, Will mentally fought back against his captor and regained control of his left hand. The unique restrictions which prevented the function of ether engines disappeared after the god Etah began his cosmic pilgrimage … The mind flayers accompanied the daelkyr from the plane of Xoriat to Khorvaire during the Daelkyr War and terrorized the goblinoids and orcs of the Age of Monsters. Their primary motivations include pride, curiosity, and satisfaction. While the mind flayers breed slaves, these mature too slowly and the dull and the psychic energy of a wretched slave makes for a boring meal. Illithid society possess the ability to craft a variety of magic items. To his horror, he witnessed a blood-red storm raging in the sky above, before hearing an unearthly howl. The biomass fused together with the fragment form into a creature with the approximate shape and proportions of the Mind Flayer's main form. DemogorgonsWill Byers (former host)Eleven (nemesis)The Flayed : • Billy Hargrove • Heather Holloway • Bruce Lowe • Tom Holloway • Janet Holloway • Doris Driscoll and others everyone. 1 Illithid 1.1 Physical Qualities 1.2 Playing an Illithid 1.3 Illithid Adventurers Horrible aberrations from the Underdark, manifesting fear in their wake. My personal conclusion is that it possibly on the strong side, but still remaining within the bounds of power. Mind Flayer. [1] It constantly drips an oily slime. The Mind Flayer sent one of his many coils through the barrier in an attempt to stop her while simultaneously commanding Demodogs to attack them. One of these pockets left the main body and latched itself onto Will Byers, allowing the Mind Flayer to possess him. A mind flayer must eat one fresh brain per month to survive, or at least one every two weeks for optimal health. They no longer need to eat brains to survive, but suffer from horrendous skin dessication, requiring them to frequently bathe in liquid and consume soup. It is not known if the Mind Flayer was present within the Upside Down at this time, or if it was controlling the Demogorgon. Some suggest that they were not native to there, but merely came to our reality from that place. Besides the mind flayer, the khepri: bugs that lived on human bodies from Perdido Street Station and of course, Mi-go brain cylinders. The resulting mind flayers spend the next twenty years in a period of growth and education before they are permitted to leave the city.[1]. Their physical appearance is what other races would call nightmarish: their heads are bulbous and pulsating with a pair of sunken eyes and four writhing tentacles surrounding a hideous maw. Mind flayers particularly fear the undead, whose unliving minds cannot be detected or harmed with psionics, and who often have no brains for the mind flayer to eat.[4]. In rare occasion, a powerful and supremely intelligent mind flayer known as an ulitharid is spawned. Please click on the COVID UPDATE tab for the current Swamp Head tasting room hours and guidelines, or click here to place your order for to-go cans. The creature has multiple limbs, some of which branch into several smaller appendages; these limbs visually resemble the tendrils and vines present in the Upside Down. Inspirations . The Mind Flayer ignored Will, continuing to pursue him before entrapping him within one of its tornado-like appendages. Many of these eventually served as slaving routes for the drow of Guallidurth. Age. You let us in. In your race here, the Mind Flayer is a Psion, but traditionally, exiled Mind Flayers are much more likely to have been exiled for being arcane wielders, so you could perhaps go with a +1 Dex bonus on the base chassis, then +2 Int for the Arcanist, and +2 Cha or Wis on the Psion. The mind flayer first appeared in Strategic Review issue #1 (Spring 1975). Some two thousand years ago, the gith rose in rebellion against their masters and overthrew, destroying the second illithid civilization and scattering them across worlds. The mind flayers truly hate the githyanki and githzerai, who they once kept enslaved thousands of years ago, and the hatred is mutual. Size Because the first season incorporated several electrical interferences, they knew the second season would involve storms. Don't you see? Its skin color ranges from mauve to a greenish lavender, soft and damp like an amphibious creature, and constantly covered by a layer of glistening slime.[1]. The resulting psychic maelstrom cast the illithid back in time, where they could patiently begin their conquest anew.[4]. Time to end it. Intelligent surface-dwelling creatures make preferable meals. Despite having an episode named after it, the creature itself is not present in said episode, The Mind flayer is very similar to the Elder gods of H.P. Mind flayers deposit thousands of spawn into a communal pool, and do not give any thought to their offspring, most of which will not survive to adulthood. Mind flayers do not form alliances unless they have something to gain. Mind Flayers are extremely intelligent, but often scheme and connive to gain power for themselves, even within a society of other Mind Flayers. Artwork establishes what would become the creature's iconic appearance, wearing long wizardlike robes with tall collars and adorned with skulls. Nov 3, 2020 - Mind flayers, also known as illithids, were evil and sadistic beings, feared by sentient creatures on many worlds across the multiverse due to their powerful innate psionic abilities. Illithid clerics of Ilsensine live secluded and monastic lives, and are rarely seen outside of their temples. He then goes after Eleven and her friends and attacks the cabin, managing to knock Jonathan against a wall where some of his tentacles are snapped by Eleven. This transformation process is known as ceremorphosis. 17: 9 "Chapter Nine: The Gate" The Duffer Brothers: The Duffer Brothers The mind flayers are known to be present in the plane of Xoriat, the Realm of Madness. This sets him apart from the Demogorgons, which appear to behave purely animalistic when he is not exercising his control over them. Mind flayers frequently operate alone, but they will work in pairs or in larger groups when the situation demands it. We've been building it... for you. Will hid behind a wall, unaware that the creature was close behind him. Gender The mind flayer was an original invention of D&D creator Gary Gygax. El fended off the Dogs, and after reuniting with her friends, the allies developed a three-fold plan of action against the Mind Flayer. It enraged the Mind Flayer as referred by an ailing Will and as retaliation, the Mind Flayer deceived Will into revealing a location that it was afraid of and exploited their connection to use him to massacre the scientists at the Hawkins Lab. [2], Mind flayer settlements are dimly lit, with their innate darkvision obviating the need for lighting except for their thralls. Alive Lingusia’s breed of mind flayers are creatures from beyond the stars that crash-landed on the world long ago, their ether engines rendered inert at a time when such devices could not function in the atmosphere of the world. The mind flayers are usually accompanied by mind-controlled thralls, and as in normal illithid society it is common for the number of thralls to outnumber the mind flayers at least two to one.[2]. Its digestive tract is self-aware and absorbs not just the necessary enzymes and hormones, which the mind flayer's parasitic brain is inacapable of producing itself, but the psychic energy of its victims' brains. A collective of three to five mind flayers assembled for specific purpose is known as an inquisition, and somewhat resembles an adventuring party in purpose and variety of composition. The Spider Monster is composed of the bodies of the Flayed: dozens of congealed organisms, both human and animal, who were converted to serve the Mind Flayer's will. The most commonly worshiped mind flayer deity is Ilsensine, an illithid deity of knowledge. Their attacks were formalized–especially since monsters and players now operated on the same basic engine. Also, other men, women, and children became part of the Flayed at an unknown time. Unfortunately, the mind flayers were overconfident, and failed to notice when the gith began to evolve resistance to their psionic control. When Will was trapped in the Upside Down and captured by a Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer became interested in Will and decided to use him for his own purposes, showing no care for him. The best sourcebook detailing the mind flayers is Lords of Madness (2005), which dedicates an entire chapter to describing illithid anatomy and society. The mist fragment eventually re-awakened at Brimborn Steel Works when the Starcourt Key was activated in the Summer of 1985, renewing the mist fragment's telepathic link to the main body. Don't you see? It consists of raised dashes and spaces, and is read by touch. A mind flayer's hands have three narrow reddened fingers and a thumb, while its feet have two webbed toes. Others become part of the Flayed, including Bruce (likely from Tom, other members of the Hawkins Post may have been Flayed as well). After running outside and onto the field, Will stopped and turned to see the Mind Flayer looming high above the school. They occasionally produce a brain golem. 1. Aberration Today, even the ancient elder brains do not remember how their species once rose to power. The mind flayer appears in the Monster Manual (1e) (1977), p.70. The lore behind the mind flayer is expanded here. This monstrous creature served as a proxy body, through which the Mind Flayer could once again influence events in Hawkins. As the creatures close in, one suddenly crashes through the window and lands on the floor dead. The Mind Flayer nearly found Mike, El, and Max, but was distracted and started pursuing Nancy, Jonathan, Will, Lucas, Steve, and Robin. Born Forms Exactly how long he had existed for, and how and why he came to inhabit the Upside Down, is unknown. It then began flaying multiple humans and rats, feeding them chemicals, and melting their bodies into puddles of biomass that would be used to create a new body for itself to take over the world. Its skin color ranges from mauve to a greenish lavender, soft and damp like an amphibious creature, and constantly covered by a layer of glistening slime.A mind flayer's hands have three narrow reddened fingers and a thumb, while its feet have two webbed toes. Feb 2, 2020 - Explore Matthew Wansack's board "Mind Flayer" on Pinterest. They headed to the subterranean tunnels, soaking "The Hub" with gasoline and setting it aflame. You shouldn't have looked for me. Give the Psion the Natural Psion ability, and it'd be pretty good. |summary= |abilities=+2 Intelligence and choose 2 from Intelligence,Wisdom or Charisma.--> |age=Mind flayers live to age 500.--> |alignment=Illithids normally have a natural tendency towards hierarchy, discipline, and cruelty, and most have an alignment of lawful evil. Steve Messing, a matte painter who was also consulted on the designs of several other Stranger Things elements, created concept art of the creature based on tornadoes, volcanoes, and other natural forces. And when you are gone, we are going to end your friends. Mind flayers begin their lives as tiny parasitic tadpoles which hatch from eggs in spawning pools. They have no understanding of the feelings humans call "happiness" or "love", possessed internally of only mankind's negative emotions; particularly contempt, fear, envy and hatred. Will's next vision took place at school, shortly after he encountered Dart in the bathroom. However, due to his being a part of the hive mind, he experienced severe agony following the burning of the tendrils. Hunt 15: The Mine Flayer Mindflayer - Rank IV. The small saltor is a baboonlike furred scavenger with the ability to craft and wield rudimentary weapons and speak basic language.[6]. It is unknown if the Mind Flayer is entirely made of smoke, or if there is any physical anatomy to the creature. While his friends argued with the arcade's employee, Will became distracted by another vision. The urophion is an illithid roper. One theory posits that the illithid derive from the Far Realm, an alien place beyond the edge of time whose influence warps reality into abberant forms of life. Time to end it. He walked out of the Upside Down version of the arcade. The mind flayer appears in the Monster Manual (3.0) (2000) and Monster Manual (3.5) (2003), p.186-188. At first, Will heard a strange chittering sound coming from multiple directions. Illithid can also suffer from psychic flareback, a rare backfire which can destroy their ability to use psionic power entirely. The kigrid resembles a large monstrous clawed cat. When Eleven tries to find the Mind Flayer's location through Billy, the Mind Flayer ends up talking to her through Billy's body in a Mindscape version of Hopper's Cabin. Now we can all see you. Because now I see you. The 13th Age RPG calls its squid-head the Soul Flenser. They regularly recruit spies within gith society, aiming to keep the two gith factions at war with each other so that they never unite against the mind flayers. Residence Heat and light are some of its weaknesses. He seems to have an elongated, flame-shaped head that sprouts from the central body that bears no visible facial features. It is possible that the Mind Flayer was elsewhere during these events, and made its way toward Hawkins due to them. ... Age. Ideally, a mind flayer will eat as many as one brain per week. Such raids have been known to depopulate entire villages. The Burrowers Beneath (1975), which inspired the mind flayer. [3], They can contract a common illness called "the ashen", a flu-like disease which causes beige, dry skin and impaired mental functioning. He wields supreme control of the Upside Down, as well as the Demogorgons, tendrils, and the Flayed. Further mind flayer lore is detailed in Monster Manual 3 (4e) (2010), p.136-139, which details the mind flayer inquisitor, mind flayer scourge, the thoon hulk, and the level 23 elite controller elder brain. Illithid settlements are designed around a large central plaza. He is also able to hide himself and his hosts from Eleven's spying, and can even trap Eleven inside the void. However, Will's friend Mike snapped Will out of the vision. In November 1983, an inter-dimensional gate was opened at Hawkins Lab, allowing the Upside Down to begin to spread through. Despite this, the mind flayer or similar creatures have appeared in several computer roleplaying games. Its nervous system is extremely well-developed, with all of its organs connected directly to the brain. While these lack psychic energy, they do provide the mind flayer with basic nutrients. Surface raids are a preferable source of fresh brains. The elder brain is a massive communal brain formed from the minds of dead mind flayers. A more serious condition is that of a partial personality, where a remnant of the host body's mind survives the transformation process.[3]. The fragment of the Mind Flayer awakening. Fortunately, it led Will, Joyce, Bob, and Mike to find the location of Hopper and rescuing him at the tunnels. The Upside Down Unlike the Spider Monster, the Hospital Monster did not resemble the Mind Flayer but rather had a more asymmetrical appearance. While a massively powerful being, the Mind Flayer was not without his weaknesses. Among their favourites include humans, drow, halflings and derro. They are some eight or nine feet tall, with six-tentacled mouth. The mind flayer appeared in Monstrous Compendium Volume One (1989). Firstappearance Extreme heat causes the human extreme pain but is able to cure them with enough exposure and heat. The Mind Flayer is a massively powerful being of unknown origin. A year later, in 1985, despite being freed from the Mind Flayer, he left a huge impact on Will as he could still sense the Mind Flayer's presence whenever he was close. It has no physical body or gender, but manifests in the form of a giant brain whose ganglia reach to all corners of existence and learn from the minds of all beings across the multiverse.[4]. After Will took advantage of his possession to rescue Jim Hopper where the tunnels were burned by the government soldiers, the Mind Flayer used his possession of Will, forcing him to trick the soldiers into going a trap, as revenge for hurting him through the burning of the tunnels. Status In the fallout of the Hawkins Lab massacre, the Mind Flayer escalated his conflict with the human world. When a mind flayer dies, their brain is ceremonially removed and cast into the spawning pool, where it is absorbed by the elder brain, a enormous and ancient psionic being who rules a mind flayer city. we've been building it. Once it was decided that the monster was going to be “storm-like”, the Graffs began looking to references of storms and tornadoes.