EPIC SIM DEAL 12GB data £8 a month See Deal EPIC SIM DEAL 12GB data £8 a month See Deal, ©Copyright 2020 www.3G.co.uk - All Rights Reserved. If your priority for a 4G router is a fast, reliable connection - which it should be - then the Huawei B535 (or Three 4G Hub) is easily one of the best options available. The user interface is very similar to Huawei’s other mobile hotspots. The power button of Huawei B618 is at the back with two gigabit LAN ports(one for LAN & WAN) and one USB port, above which, two connectors are covered a small cap. Last month, Vodafone has presented the GigaCube for a package of routers and mobile phone rates. Unlike the Huawei B618 Cube, they both have an only variant model now. Like the B529 Cube, the Huawei B528 is available for the network provider Vodafone and gets a new name Vodafone GigaCube with specific model number Huawei B528s-23a. Reset buttonl. Instead, the unit is powered only by the included power supply. The power button is below the indicators. Huawei B612 can provide only WiFi on single band 2.4GHz for up to 32 wirless users to connect, but Huawei B528s-23 could provide WiFi one dual-bands and support maximum up to 64 wireless users. For more practical performance, here you should wait for first user reports. Page Count: 20 The LED indicators are also available, including Signal, LAN, WiFi, and Power. Huawei B528 VS B529 Appearance and Interfaces. Huawei B528 LTE CPE Schnellstart(B528s 23a, 01, DE) 2017-03-29. The Vodafone GigaCube supports the LTE Cat.6 standard  and is therefore theoretically designed for download rates of up to 300 Mbit/s. All in all, the Internet speed usable with the Vodafone Giga Cube depends on the conditions on site. In addition, the maximum possible data rates vary from place to place. The Huawei B529 has one Gigabit Ethernet port for LAN with one VoIP port. What Interesting is the possibility to set up a VPN directly on the Huawei B528 router. Most people don’t want their routers to stand out, and this one certainly doesn’t, even compared to the Huawei AI Cube. That's significantly below the B535's theoretical maximum speeds, but it's future-proofed for when speeds increase in the coming months. Yes. At home, in a hotel or in a holiday apartment, this should not be a problem. The Huawei B528 is in black like a cake and the Huawei B529 looks like a humidifier in white. On this point, the B528 is really powerful than its predecessor Huawei E5180 and E5170. These steps cover the B315, B525 and B528 and should be the same for most newer Huawei routers such as the B618, etc. 35573208. Advanced Plan. The same is true for LTE Band 38, also this is so far not used in Vodafone, but is supported by the Huawei B528. However, Huawei B612 adopts 4 x 4 MIMO technologies for wireless connection while Huawei B528 only supports 2 x 2 MIMO. Summary From the specs table, we can see the Huawei B528 and B612 router are both LTE Cat6 routers which could achieve download speed up to 300Mbps and upload speed to 50Mbps. 2600 MHz. Huawei B818 Specifications The Huawei B818-260 LTE Router supports 4 × 4 MIMO antenna technology as well as carrier aggregation (channel bundling). Huawei B528 LTE Cube is the first LTE CAT6 Wi-Fi cube from Huawei. Pricing is slightly lower than the Huawei AI Cube, which adds speakers and Amazon Alexa to the mix, but isn’t quite as good purely as a router. TAC. On the other hand, it does have Amazon Alexa and a speaker built in, if that appeals, as well as an arguably nicer design. Vodafone Gigacube is a good home router needing a power supply when working. Of course, the technical features are upgraded as the technology develops. A TV, a computer or a game console can also be connected to the LTE router via LAN cable. In the house or apartment it is recommended to place the GigaCube at the place with the best net quality. Anyone who wants to be online via the router needs a power supply nearby. Huawei B525 Looking to buy or upgrade? External antenna socketsi. It’s a rival device to the original Huawei HomeFi and Huawei AI Cube, the latter of which is also currently available from Three. We would do the performance test once we get the GigaCube in hand, keep close eye on www.4gltemall.com if you are interested in Vodafone GigaCube or Huawei B528 LTE Cube. But they both can work well in Asia. Landline phone portk. Huawei B528 Cube is a new 4G LTE Cat6 router with Huawei HiSilicon Balong 722 chipset platform and supporting peak download speed to 300mbps and upload speed to 50mbps. Thus, a permanent, stationary power supply is required. During the initial setup, the access data for the router menu can also be adjusted. Product Overview a. The specific model number is Huawei B529s-23a. HUAWEI B528 (B528s-23a) 4G LTE Cat 6 Cube Wireless Router - EU Plug Huawei B528 LTE Cube is the first LTE CAT6 Wi-Fi cube from Huawei. If you want to buy Huawei B525 antenna, the connector in the antenna should be SMA-male. Abroad, Vodafone excludes the use anyway! The Giga Cube, in turn, connects to the Vodafone LTE mobile network. It could support 4G LTE networks on FDD Band 1/3/7/8/20/32 and TDD Band 38. Éteignez le routeur et débranchez l'adaptateur d'alimentation avant d'installer une antenne externe. Thus, the Huawei B528 GigaCube can also be bought at the comparatively low price from www.4gltemall.com, for example on a holiday abroad, where the GigaCube tariff is not available, can also be used with a local SIM card. The Giga Cube then automatically dials into the Vodafone mobile network to establish the Internet connection. The main difference between the Huawei B612 4G router and Huawei B528 includes: This is offered at no upfront cost when you take out an 18-month contract, or for an upfront fee of £100 when you take a 30-day rolling plan. 12 month contract. The GigaCube can be configured via a connected computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Even if the Giga Cube LTE router does not have a battery, the WLAN from the outlet is nevertheless very flexible. This site also contains information about the preconfigured Wi-Fi settings of the device. Somebody may ask, what’s the difference between Huawei B528 and B618 LTE-A router? Frankly speaking, the Huawei B528 LTE Router and B529 Cube are both cool in the design. The setup is intuitively possible (can be seen from the fact that the access data for the 5 GHz, WLAN area must be adjusted later) and the WiFi range is quite comparable to that of a FRITZ! Beyond these, the most obvious alternative is fibre broadband. There are two versions of the Vodafone GigaCube – a 4G one, which is essentially a rebadged Huawei B528, and a 5G one, which is the Huawei 5G CPE Pro. The main difference between the Huawei B612 4G router and Huawei B528 includes: From the appearance and interface, you may not get the core difference between the two routers. The connector is located on the back of the device. In the first test, the Huawei B528 sold by Vodafone GigaCube left a good impression. Also the GigaCube missed an SD card slot or USB port. And the firmware may be customized by the network providers. Vodafone has significantly expanded LTE in its mobile network in the last few years and is continuing this expansion on an ongoing basis. 2100 MHz. Based with Huawei HiSilicon Balong 722 chipset platform, this B528 router could supports peak download speed to 300mbps and upload speed to 50mbps. The Huawei B528 has only one variant model name B528s-23a, perhaps because it’s only available for Vodafone GigaCube. From the specs table, we can see the Huawei B528 and B612 router are both LTE Cat6 routers which could achieve download speed up to 300Mbps and upload speed to 50Mbps. It could support faster download speed than that of B528 based on more LTE technologies. Huawei B528s-23a has fewer interfaces and the speed is not as fast as Huawei B618, but for most users, the speed is still fantastic. And more interfaces are available in Huawei B628s-22d for more connection possibility. The hotspot can bring up to 64 devices on the Internet simultaneously. Exclusive deals that you won't find on Three's website, but you still buy directly from them. And Vodafone has also thought of the domestic PC, by means of network cable, the PC can also access internet easily. The Vodafone GigaCube could serve as a DSL replacement, but less suitable for the more extensive file exchange and intensive streaming. From the specs table, we can see that the Huawei B618s-22d is more advanced than Huawei B528s-23a. They both support maximum WiFi-enabled devices up to 62 users, so you don’t need to worry about the connected device quantity is over the limit. Some people want to change their 3G router or ADSL router to 4G LTE Router or 4G LTE Cube, however, for those who don’t know well about Huawei routers, they may have trouble to choose the Huawei 4G WiFi router or Huawei LTE Cubes. Reason: The SIM PIN must be entered via the web-based menu if the PIN search on the SIM card has not been switched off, which is at least partly the case with the operator cards defined for the GigaCube. There are a number of small light… We are not sure whether there will be new variant model in near future. Mobile Broadband Plan. This is the frequency range around 1500 Megaherz. Since more and more Huawei LTE cubes available in the market, more and more people accept the Huawei Cubes as consumer electronics. The connector type is both TS-9. Huawei assigns the 4G wireless gateway to a new design and combines the workmanship with router functions to make the Cube series product very special but attractive for home use. The connectors in Huawei B525 are SMA-female while the Huawei B528 has two TS-9 connectors. The B535 WebBox can get up to 64 devices online at once, which is more than most people should need. And if you want to use the antenna with Huawei B528, you need an SMA-to-TS-9 adapter. .Before purchasing a band-specific LTE/4G antenna, first check what band you are currently using. We could not test this so far. The GigaCube itself has the manufacturer Huawei’s logo and there is no indication of Vodafone. But if you need a future-proof router and would accept the high price, it’s no doubt that Huawei B618s-22d router is the best one for you. Per our test, the two routers could support fast internet connection in the real network. We’ve mentioned the two main alternatives elsewhere in this review – the Huawei AI Cube and the Huawei HomeFi. In the Giga Cube tariff from Vodafone, however, the actual maximum data rate is limited to 150 Mbit/s in the download. This means you can use the router both at home as a DSL replacement or just traveling as a mobile Internet connection. Huawei B528s-23a has 4 indicators with the power button and WPS button. Box 7490, which we had tested at the same Place. If your devices mainly access the internet via WiFi, the Huawei B528 can be considered because it’s really cool as a home router. externe aux ports prévus à cet effet sur le HUAWEI LTE cube B528 4G afin d’améliorer la réception du signal. micro-SIM card slotm. Some customers who are not familiar with the router may don’t know where to plug the SIM card in. If you want a smart home assistant built in then the Huawei AI Cube is well worth a look, but it’s more expensive and not quite as good at the internet part, so – if you can afford it – you’d probably be better off buying this router and then getting an Amazon Echo or similar separately. Firewall, CS Voice, VoIP, VoLTE, IPv6/IPv4 dual stack, NAT, DHCP, VPN, DMZ, UPnP, ALG, NAT, DHCP, VPN, SMS, VoIP, CS Voice, Firewall, DMZ, UPnP, ALG,  IPv4 /IPv6 dual stack, DHCP Server, DNS RELAY and NAT, VoLTE, IPv4 /IPv6 dual stack, LTE Cat6 (300/50 Mbit / s), UMTS with DC-HSPA +, GSM / EDGE, LTE FDD: B1, B3, B7, B8, B20, B32. One feature worth noting is the four ethernet ports on the back of the HomeFi Plus, which let you provide a wired connection to up to four devices. The two routers both use Micro SIM card size, and the SIM card slots are both located at the bottom of the router. The former can reach the same download speeds as the Huawei B535 and supports as many users, as well as both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, but its maximum upload speeds are lower, and it doesn’t support the attaching of an antenna. If you had read our review about Huawei B525, you may know Huawei B525 has two variant models in the market: B525s-23a and B525s-65a. Under one flap there are also jacks, via which external antennas can be connected to the GigaCube. This is usually done by entering the WLAN password – as is the same as used by the domestic WLAN router. The GigaCube supports speeds of up to 300 MBit/s in the downstream via LTE, especially on the LTE-Advanced networks. There are a number of small lights along the front, showing you at a glance the router’s status, but that’s about as close as it gets to any kind of design flair. There’s also the option to connect an external antenna as it has support for two SMA antennas, to potentially improve the range and performance of the device – you can’t do that with the AI Cube, and there’s only one socket for one on the original HomeFi. Customers signing up for the 4G version of Vodafone GigaCube will receive a Huawei B528 wireless router. In addition, the reset button is also available at the side of the SIM card slot. This slim white rectangle comes in at 219 x 138mm and has a grey stand, slightly contrasting the colour of the box itself. User Manual: Huawei . The range of the Giga cubes depends, of course, on the local conditions and, for example, on separating walls; In an open environment, LTE routers of this type reach up to 250 meters. You also typically need a landline, which can add to the cost. On the front of the Huawei B628s-22d, there are 8 indicators for the connection status and WPS button is in the indicators. 226 x 153 x 52 mm. At the time writing Three only offers 5G home broadband in a very limited number of locations, but its 4G home broadband service is widely available and seemingly not being neglected, as the brand not so long ago started selling a new router, dubbed the Huawei B535 WebBox (also known as the Three 4G Hub). Installer la ou les antennes externes comme dans l’illustration. And above the Ethernet port, there are two connectors for external antennas. As the successor to Huawei E5180 Router, the Huawei B528 LTE router follows the design of E5180 cube but different in details. As known from the domestic WLAN router, users can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to enter a password into the Giga Cube network and thus connect to the device. The Huawei B612 and B528 LTE routers are both available in European countries. So if you have a Huawei B528 external antenna, you can use it with Huawei B529. On the back, there is only one LAN port (RJ45) and one VoIP port(RJ11). Thanks to the WLAN specification 802.11 b/g/n/ac, the Giga Cube uses the latest state-of-the-art WLAN technology to provide the best possible data transmission. The access data for foreign networks may not be recognized automatically. It supports fast wireless surfing speed while the Ethernet cable connection is also possible for PC. Share 4G & 5G LTE Technology and Latest Gadgets, Enjoy Amazing Speed with LTE Broadband! We will have a review about the two LTE routers and give some buy recommendation for potential users. Home; Huawei; B528; Default settings of the Huawei B528. Vodafone had bought the radio spectrum in 2015 in this area and could use the tape in the future as a “supplementary downlink” to increase the capacity in the LTE network. You may not think they are Huawei wireless 4G Router when you first look at them. After the SIM card is inserted directly and the GigaCube is switched on, the LED for the mobile radio reception is initially red. The model is practical and comes without much fault. The Vodafone GigaCube is 105 x 105 x 181 millimeters in size. 12 month contract. At the campsite, a power connection is usually also possible. Like Vodafone other 4G router, the new router GigaCube also comes from Huawei and the factory model number is B528. 12 month contract, Dual-band Wi-Fi and connect up to 64 devices. This is another fairly standard thing in routers, but not always found in 4G ones, with the original HomeFi only supporting single band 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Technically, the Huawei B528 can reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps in the downlink (LTE Cat6), but Vodafone limits the GigaCube data rate to 150 MBit/s. Huawei B612 has more interfaces options for users, but Huawei B528 has less interfaces. After the first time the internet browser is started, the login area for the GigaCube user interface is automatically activated. As an alternative to WLAN, a notebook can also be connected to the router via a network cable. Here you should also assign your own password directly. They both have the external antenna connectors: Huawei B612 connector type is SMA-female while Huawei B528 antenna connector type is TS-9, like the Huawei B618 LTE Router. The body is not in small size, so you may not take it in hand like Huawei E5787 mobile WiFi hotspots. After reading this article, we suppose you will find the answer. The white color Huawei B528 makes it look good when standing with the modern furniture. If you have many terminals to get network via Ethernet, then Huawei B525 LTE CPE is the right one. Have high-speed Internet for family, friends and yourself all day long! They support even same LTE frequency bands. Huawei B528 VS Huawei B525 Appearance and Interfaces. Among them, Huawei B618 LTE router and B528 routers may be the most attractive models. On the front, there are five indicators for Power, Mode, WiFi, LAN, and Signal. But as noted above, 5G home broadband isn’t available in many places at the time of writing, so it won’t be an option for many. The only annoyance with the GigaCube router is that it was dispensed with even a battery. Here you can find the default IP address and the predefined access data for the user interface of the B528 LTE WiFi router of Huawei. Currently, the Huawei B529 is only available for T-mobile in Europe and get a new name as HomeNet Box. If the LTE reception is not given, the GigaCube router can also switch to GMS or UMTS/HSDPA. The Huawei B528s-23a was introduced by Vodafone to its product range. If you had read our review about Huawei B525, you may know Huawei B525 has two variant models in the market: B525s-23a and B525s-65a. Furthermore, the user can decide whether to operate parallel to 2.4 and 5 GHz or only on one of these frequency ranges. 24 month contract. They don’t have the appearance of common LTE routers, but they look cool in the cube shape in white color. Let’s have a looks at the Vodafone B528 specs and Huawei B529s-23a specs in the tables below: The Huawei B528s-23a and HomeNet Box B529s-23a are both LTE Category 6 router, which could support peak download speed to 300mbps and upload speed. Load all specs. The Internet speed in the Praxistest was quite high. As for software, this isn’t something you’ll likely be interacting with much, but the Huawei B535 WebBox does have a simple web interface, allowing you to configure settings and read messages – as there’s no display, you have to access this from an external device. The Huawei B618 is in square cube shape while Huawei B528 is in a cylinder cube. In this article, you will find the answer from our comparison.