So my question is this, what figure am I looking at to sell this deed of easement to Western Power. You pay what the owner of the land will accept. The appraised value of an easement is based … A utility easement is a common type that gives local utility companies the right to use parts of a piece of land. Utility easements generally don’t affect the value of a property unless it imposes tight restrictions on what the property owner may and may not do.. Lv 7. The easement allows the utility to run its line or pipe on, under or over a piece of property. If it has to be a one-time payment, we think closer to the $50 per foot number is much more fair than $5 per foot. 1. Utility easements are necessary for the existence of electricity, television, telephone, water, and … A property easement is generally written and recorded with the local assessor’s office. The area covered by the easement is usually clearly defined in the text of the easement, and the easement is attached to the property deed so that it will persist even when the property is transferred or sold. 1 decade ago. For an extreme example - an acre of land in down New York City is worth millions - on the flip side of this - an acre of land in Wyoming or somewhere in the boonies is worth maybe $100.00 - you have to be the judge of what the property is worth - worth to them to make the most monies from the sale/termination of the easement. The FMV of the easement is worth much more that a simple division of your lands appraisal which you indicate at $1.82 SF because it impacts all of the remainder of your and your home, visually and possibly in it's usability in the future. In the case of the utility easement, the utility has the rights to have the lines there, and the right to go on that property as needed for maintenance and repairs. There may be pre-existing utility easements on a property at the time of purchase. before acquisition of an easement (before value) and an opinion of market value of the subject pJOperty remaining after the proposed easement has been placed (after value) as of a cunent date minus any adjustments for excess inigation water to arrive at the effect on value ofthe easement The pm pose of two opinions of value is to The easement may be for a common electric line, a telephone company line, or even a natural gas line. An easement is an encumbrance on the title to real property that grants the right to use the property but no ownership interest. Tim Greene believes no landowner should sign a Marcellus or Utica shale pipeline right-of-way agreement for less than $50 per foot. Additionally, the maintenance issue is open ended and could impact 100' more of your land making it unusable. A utility easement is a common type that gives local utility companies the right to use parts of a piece of land. The documented easement will show up when a title search is conducted and it stays there indefinitely, unless both parties agree to remove it. Easements may be granted to a specific party or act as a general encumbrance on the property. Without getting too deep into legal details, here are the types of easements worth knowing about. ... Price may depend whether it is urban or rural and what land is worth there. For the deed of easement she effectively asked my to name my price for how much I would be willing to be paid for it, ofcourse if its a stupid number they would just say, no we will put it underground. However, Corky DeMarco said a more reasonable payment is in the range of $5 per foot. A common problem that I wish to focus on in this column concerns utility easements on property. 0 1. ca_surveyor. Many homeowners have property subject to these easements. A utility easement is an easement which gives a utility the right to use and access a specific area of a property.